Social Innovation

As GEBA Trans, we realize that our staff members are the most important assets of our company. People with passion, knowledge and the will to act, contribute substantially to the success of our organization. This means we invest in our people. With an internal improvement project we increase the awareness of our people that investing in yourself, always leads to success. In 2013, together with an organizational coach, We started with actively stimulating GEBA Trans’ bottom-up philosophy.

One of the first projects on which the coach started, was to support the Management Team to increase its facilitating role, while decreasing its operational role, without losing touch with daily operations. Social Innovation In the next step, we started having biweekly meetings in which our staff members have a structured moment to speak out about opportunities they have discovered for making their work more effective and pleasurable.

This improvement project was partially funded by the European Social Fund (ESF). This body within the European Union finances projects, such as ours, aimed at improving sustainable employment. After all, going to your work with pleasure and a sense of fulfillment decreases the chances of a burn-out or other forms of alienation from the labor market.

For more information about the ESF, please visit the website of Agentschap SZW.