“Our locations in Rotterdam and Venlo create a perfect link between Europe’s largest Port and Europe’s inland.”

The Netherlands has a well-known reputation as a transit country for an abundance of goods. As these goods arrive in Dutch the ports, they must be shipped to recipients who might be located anywhere in Europe. GEBA Trans is your perfect match for handling these shipments.

Short sea, road transport, rail transport and inland shipping, our vast knowledge of and experience with all these modalities means we can select a single one, or switch between them, to get your goods where you want them to be, when you need them, at the best price available in the market.

For every particular shipment you are about to entrust to us, we meticulously note your conditions, needs and requirements. From that point on, all parameters are weighed to select the modality or combination of modalities that gets your shipment to its destination.

Once that’s done, we provide for feedback and inform you on how we will handle your shipment. Inland shipping or rail transport services are often much more friendly to your budget than road transport, while they are also more environmentally-friendly. So if there’s a possibility to opt for these methods within your stated parameters, we will do this for you.

Why choose for GEBA Trans?

  • With business locations in both Rotterdam and Venlo, we are located in the two logistical hotspots in the Netherlands. Both railroad and waterway connections were further upgraded in the past years. Based on our vast knowledge and extensive network, we are always able to find the best possible option for your transport.
  • Our state of the art software solutions help us in finding the ideal combination between available cargo space and your shipment. While weighing all parameters, lower pricing can often be found if your container can be shipped over the water rather than the road. Does the schedule allow for it? Then we will get you a better price. Bear in mind, this is just one of countless examples where our human and digital logistic knowledge and insights have a beneficial effect on the quality, efficiency, pricing and sustainability of your transport.
  • Using sustainable transport modalities is stimulated by both the Dutch government and the European Union. Given our development as a society, it only seems a matter of time before governments will start to additionally tax less sustainable solutions. Once that happens, transport costs will rise. GEBA Trans is ahead of that curve to safeguard your future budgets as well.