Sea freight

Sea freight

Are you sending a shipment within Europe or to any other continent? Or are you importing one or more containers from any location in the world? GEBA Trans is the right partner for your freight solutions. Our intermodal department is specialized in international door-to-door shipments. As we are fully independent with regards to freight partners, we have full flexibility in selecting the best possible rates for your freight, whether it’s for short sea or deep sea shipments. Of course we can also fully unburden you in the process of customs clearance.


This relatively cheap form of transport consists of sea transports within Europe and the Mediterranean. We ship all kinds of containers, primarily from or to the Ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp to various ports in Europe. However, Your ‘A to B’ can be just about anywhere. Need a shipment between e.g. England and Spain? We’ll arrange it for you in accordance with the highest quality standards. This environmentally friendly modality will be increasingly pushed and made attractive by various governments in the near future and is therefore worthwhile to consider.


Of course we can also complete intercontinental sea shipments. Our deep sea service enables us to ship your goods from and to virtually every destination in the world: from South Africa to New Zealand. We arrange for full transport to the port, or if preferable all the way to the final recipient’s doorstep. Both smaller shipments such as pallets and crates (LCL) as full containers (FCL) are shipped over the ocean for you by GEBA Trans against the best conditions and highest reliability.

Why choose for GEBA Trans?

  • Our intermodal department is specialized in door-to-door transport for both maritime and continental freight flows. Our independence from individual carriers means having the flexibility at all times, to select the best, fastest and most affordable freight solution.
  • Although we are independent, our experience has of course created a significant network with reliable and sustainable partners all across the globe. This means that we can offer daily departures from our ‘home’ ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, who are both superbly connected to the inland port of Venlo. This allows us to work with our network of intermodal partners to get every single container to its destination in no-time. And of course every other port in the world is available for you as well.
  • Customs clearance can be a painstaking job. Our knowledge and experience can take this burden away from you, while you have a Single Point of Contact with regards to your shipment(s). We can directly inform you about the required shipping documents and create them for you while we’re at it.