Road freight Transport

Road freight Transport

“Small enough for a personal touch, large enough to fully unburden you in every shipment.”

Delivering goods from A to B with a truck or courier van; it still is the number one freight method used all across the globe. GEBA Trans is a highly reliable partner in this expertise, and we have many years of measured 99% reliability to prove it. Perfection is always our objective.

Based on our vast experience and network, we always find the right transport solution for you within Europe, of course entirely based on your needs and desires. Whether you are shipping a single pallet or a full truck load (FTL), GEBA Trans is the only stop you’ll have to make.

Why choose for GEBA Trans?

  • Road transport forms the basis for all our transport activities. Wake us up in the middle of the night and we’ll still be able to sum up everything there is to know into the slightest detail. This means you’re working with a knowledgeable and reliable partner.
  • As we also have our own trailer fleet, for which we have an extension plan, we can find the right freight capacity for every single shipment. This perfect match between our trailer fleet and our extensive freight forwarding network results in attractive pricing.
  • This independence also results in us having virtually unlimited freight capacity. As we work with a global network of reliable partners, we can ship just about anything anywhere. Whether you are looking to ship a factory’s worth of solar panels to Romania, or need 129 trucks on Christmas Eve to supply the entire domestic retail market, there are few things we cannot do. For these and more interesting examples of our solutions, please read our business cases.
  • GEBA Trans has accomplished a delivery reliability of more than 99% in the past few years. Of course we always strive for that magic 100%, but at the same time we know that this will probably be unattainable. In the unlikely and unfortunate event that your shipment would not reach its destination on time, then we proactively inform you about this so you can inform your client, while we put every single resource we have at the test to find the best possible alternative solution.