Rail freight transport

Rail freight transport

“Small enough to listen to you, large enough to find the perfect match between your cargo and available freight capacity.”

We live in a world in which roads are often overcrowded. And if the cost of road transport is not yet high enough, it may be expected that governments will continue to up the net cost of this modality by further increasing taxes in the future based on the environmental aspect. More organizations will therefore use alternative solutions such as rail freight transport. GEBA Trans is ahead of this curve and has everything in place to accommodate this for you.

It might surprise you how much of the daily European freight flow can be completed by railway excellently. Virtually every corner of the continent is accessible by rail and this will only continue to improve in the future. This means that the capacity will increase, which results in lower prices per volume unit. Rail freight transport can now also compete with road transport in terms of transit times on many locations. This means that the loss of time is limited or even non-existent, while the pricing is often far more attractive.

Based on our excellent contacts and sustainable partnerships in the industry, GEBA Trans is able to offer rail freight transport from and to anywhere in Europe. We can ship 20’, 40’ and 45’ foot (HC) containers such as reefers (refrigerated container) but of course also wagon loads in bulk.

Why choose for GEBA Trans?

  • As part of the Viaport Venlo, an important link between the large Dutch industrial areas and the European hinterland, we have access to various railway terminals. As the Venlo terminal is still being expanded, we expect it to become an even more important link in rail freight transport in the future. Mid-2013 it was announced that the Greenport Venlo would receive another € 681,000 in European subsidies to expand its capacity even further.
  • Another benefit is our strategic location with respect to the largest rail terminal in the German Ruhr region: Duisburg. We can pick up or return your container within one hour, and Duisburg excellently serves every single corner of Europe by rail.
  • Being fully independent in terms of transport partners, results in having virtually unlimited capacity and the liberty to select the best price for you. Whether you are looking for a full train or a single wagon, GEBA Trans continuously compares various partners to make the best choice for you based on the delivery conditions agreed upon.