Inland Shipping

Inland Shipping

If you’re not in a rush to have your freight delivered, but are looking for the lowest possible pricing, our inland shipping modality might be the best option for you. Our network is able to service the Netherlands and large parts of Europe through various waterways. Containers can be delivered to several barge terminals, after which they are shipped to European destinations such as Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and France.

Just like other sustainable modalities, inland shipping will be actively stimulated by various (European) governmental institutions in the coming years. Investments are made in new terminals, improved accessibility and better communication between parties with cargo and cargo capacity. This means that synchromodal transport becomes part of daily life in logistics.

Review the Blue Road Map here that shows which European areas can be reached by barge.

Why choose for GEBA Trans?

  • GEBA Trans is a partner that actively promotes and uses sustainable modalities. Whenever the delivery conditions allow for it, we will always prefer using sustainable transport methods rather than conventional road transport. By doing so, we actively contribute to reducing your carbon footprint. This of course also improves the sustainability image of your company.
  • Our convenient location between the rivers Meuse and Rhine ensures that we can transship containers from one river to another within just a few hours. The largest inland port of Europe, that of Duisburg, is easily accessible from our location in Venlo.
  • Our location also enables us to use existing networks all across Europe. Optimally using various terminals allows us to offer competitive prices.
  • Venlo is looked at by the Port of Rotterdam as the most important candidate to relief pressure from its continuously growing port. All facilities for ‘simple’ inland shipping will be further improved in the coming years. This means simpler rules for clearing containers or returning empty containers. An additional benefit is that the salary and storage costs in the Venlo region are substantially lower than that in Rotterdam. Of course you benefit from that as your freight costs drop as a result.