Newsletter Stormy Period

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Dear client,

Lately you have received two newsletters from us, in which we extensively discussed the developments within the European transport market as a result of the Mobility Package and the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

And nowadays you will also experience yourselves, that the prices of fuel (petrol and diesel) at the gas stations have increased enormously.

The current situation creates a high degree of uncertainty and is therefore extremely exceptional. This situation extends beyond the normal entrepreneurial risk. Within GEBA Trans we call the current situation a ‘stormy period’, a period in which all kinds of exceptional situations occur simultaneously on the European transport market, namely:

  • Shortage of transport capacity
    • Existing European drivers shortage and shortage of equipment
    • Introduction Mobility Package – Return to home (from 22/02/2022)
    • Partly no Ukrainian drivers (from 24/02/2022)


  • Price increase transport
    • Rise in market rates as a result of a shortage of transmission capacity
    • Increase in wage costs as a result of Mobility Package – Equal Pay (from 02/02/2022)
    • Exceptional increase in fuel prices (from 24/02/2022)

As with any storm, this ‘stormy period’ will unfortunately cause damage. The major  question is how large the actual damage will be. This is currently causing great uncertainty in the European market. For you, but also for us and our carriers. Together we must endure this storm and see how we can limit the overall damage as much as possible.

As your partner in transport, we closely follow developments in the European transport market and we are in constant dialogue with our international carrier network to handle your transports qualitatively and in line with the market. Given the market dynamics, we will periodically evaluate and investigate the impact of the changes mentioned with a view to rate adjustments. If this leads to rate adjustments for you, we will contact you personally.

For the increase in diesel prices, we will continue to use our monthly diesel floater for the time being. This is despite the fact that many carriers have switched in recent weeks to a weekly weighing moment and weekly adjustment of the diesel surcharge. This means that we pre-finance the fuel increase for a few weeks. In this way, from a service point of view, we can unburden you in the administrative area.

If you have any questions and/or comments about this newsletter, please let us know.