Newsletter Conflict Ukraine – Russia

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Dear client,

Over the past week, the conflict between Ukraine and Russia has escalated, leading to harrowing images.

On Thursday 24/02, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced a general mobilization of the population. This means, among other things, that male residents between the ages of eighteen and sixty are no longer allowed to leave the country, because they must be available for the army.

We are now also receiving signals from various external carriers and regular charters that Ukrainian drivers are returning to their home country en masse, as a result of which they are able to supply less or no transport capacity in Western Europe due to the announced measure.

In this newsletter we inform you that the developments mentioned, are having a negative impact on the available European transport capacity. GEBA Trans makes every effort to realize alternative solutions during this acute situation, so that we try to unburden you as much as possible, as you are used to.

Due to the unforeseen nature and the associated uncertainty, we do appeal to your understanding, flexibility and cooperation to continue organizing your transports as well as possible. After all, together we make the difference!

If you have any questions regarding this message, please let us know.