New EU regulations sulfuric gas emissions 2015

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As of January 1st 2015, new EU regulations will come into effect with regards to sulfuric gas emissions by ships in the so called Sulfur Emissions Control Areas (SECA). This area stretches from the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and all the way to the Channel between England and France. Within this zone, sulfur emissions must be reduced to a maximum of 0.1%, where the current emission rates lie at approximately 1%.

In order to attain these objectives, the maritime industry is forced to stop using Heavy Gas Oil (HGO) and switch to using Marine Gas Oil (MGO), which is much cleaner, but also much more expensive. Installing ‘sulfur scrubbers’ on the ships also is a particularly costly compulsory action.

Of course both we and our partners in the entire logistical chain will take every possible action to limit the financial consequences of these new regulations. We do however also believe that our entire economy is responsible for creating sustainable business models and improving the living conditions on our planet for ourselves and future generations. As a result, a surcharge for transports moving through this area will be introduced as of January 1st 2015.

As the exact fuel prices are not yet clear, the exact height of this MGO surcharge also remains uncertain for now. Various authorities and manufacturers expect an exponential price increase due to the explosive growth in demand for MGO.

We will of course contact you to inform you about any consequences this might have for your transport quotes as soon as we have more clarity about the impact of this surcharge. Should you have any questions about this topic, then we are of course available for further clarification.

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