Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a hot topic and is now pretty much a phrase for everything that has to do with sustainability. GEBA Trans takes this phenomenon a step further, not only do we not shy away from our responsibility in this regard, we try to be a leader in it. Based on active reduction of our carbon footprint, a special cycling project for a charity and by sponsoring local foundations and associations, we contribute to the conservation and improvement of our environment. This page shows some examples of projects in which we are involved.

GEBA Galibier

Sometimes, the best ideas are born on late nights in the pub. That’s exactly what happened with GEBA Galibier, a project in which a giant of the Alps is conquered for charity. Eleven relatively untrained GEBA Trans staff members have accepted this challenge. On Sunday, the 8th of June 2014, the GEBA convoy will drive to the South of France in a bus with the goal of climbing no less than 42 kilometers of this mountain. Passing the slopes of the Col du Lautaret and the Col du Galibier, they will reach a height of 2,645 meters. That’s an average incline of 5%, with peaks of even 11%! It’s a great challenge for the team.

In order to have a real goal to fight for, the challenge is connected to a charity. The local KidzBase Foundation actively tries to bring some fun in the lives of children who cannot enjoy a carefree childhood. These kids are often in foster care as a result of sexual abuse or domestic violence, a group that resonated with GEBA Trans so quickly that our minds were made up in no-time. The personal, local and hands-on approach of the people behind the KidzBase Foundation, convinced us to partner up and get something done for them. For more information about the Kidzbase projects and practical examples, please review www.kidzbase.nl or follow them via Facebook and/or Twitter.

In the evening of June 24th 2014, the ‘Maaspoort’ Theater hosted the closing celebration of GEBA Galibier; a project conceived on a late evening that became the ultimate team building activity. The men of GEBA Trans conquered the Col du Galibier, the infamous 2,645 meter mountain known from the Tour de France. During this ride, our men learned new definitions of both agony and perseverance. But with their minds firmly set on the goal of raising money for children living in troubled domestic situations, they managed to complete their mission. Overseen by the cyclists and their supporters, the sponsors and the board of the KidzBase Foundation, GEBA Trans’s Managing Director and concept initiator Mr. Fred Spijksma awarded the check to Martin Frankort of the KidzBase Foundation.

The crowd reacted with an immense applause when it became clear that the total amount raised exceeded all expectations. No less than the fantastic sum of € 25,078 was written on the check, every euro of which will be spent on the purposes for which it is pledged. “Every dime will be spent righteously! That I promise!” said Martin Frankort. He then continued to compliment the cyclists and sponsors: “This amount exceeded everything we dreamt of. We immensely respect Fred and his ‘golden team’. It truly touches us that the GEBA Trans staff invested so much time, energy and even their own money. I also want to thank the sponsors and friends of the GEBA Galibier project for their generosity.”

The entire project was filmed from the very start by Halo Media Productions, located in Venlo. They will publish a short documentary about GEBA Galibier shortly, while a sneak preview of the climb can already be watched here. It’s a day that cannot ever be forgotten by all those who participated. “The entire GEBA Trans team has enriched its life with this unforgettable experience”, said Fred Spijksma to conclude the evening.




Lean and Green Award

“GEBA Trans aspires to be a chain manager in sustainable transport”

Based on the ‘Greencare’ program of one of our clients, a large European freight forwarder, our company started reducing its carbon footprint in 2011. Supported by the Ministry of Transport we have developed a program in which transport partners are rewarded for sustainable initiatives. Examples of this are actively using Euro5 and Euro6 trucks, limiting fuel consumption by improving aerodynamics and using cleaner fuels.

Our own organization purchases CO2-credits to compensate for the emissions caused by our transport movements. The funds collected with this program is used all across the globe to sponsor sustainable initiatives such as biomass plants in Brazil, hydropower plants in China and wood stoves in Kenya. For more examples and actual projects, please visit the website of the Climate Neutral Group.

Based on these measures, we want to reduce our CO2 emissions with 30% in the first three years of this program (2012-2015), to reduce a steady 3% annual decrease in the following years.

We take great pride in being the first (!) Dutch logistics service provider to receive the prestigious Lean & Green award from the Ministry of Transport. This award is the ultimate reward for us as a company and it confirms that our long-term vision and innovative approach repays itself in accordance with the highest possible standards.

Sports and staying in shape

Living a healthy life and staying in shape is important to GEBA Trans, both for our own staff as for our environment. This is why we are actively involved as a sponsor for various sports associations in our region. As the shirt sponsor of football teams FCV-Venlo and SV Blerick, it is our pleasure to contribute to a healthier society.

Of course we also push our own staff to use our company fitness facilities. Together with sport club Fit4Free in Venlo, we offer our staff a full company fitness package against a discounted rate. Our staff can stay in shape outside of work hours, but we also encourage them to use the lunch break for a quick workout. Perhaps the best thing about this cooperation is that our office is located in the same building as this sports club. A same cooperation exists with the Rodan Swimming School. The GEBA Trans staff is always invited to do some laps there before or after work.

These facilities were actually one of the main reasons for our board to move to this exact location at the Noorderpoort Business Park. After all, staff members who are in shape are an absolute requirement for availability and performance and any investment in this aspect will surely repay itself further down the road. Sick leave reduces while performance increases, the value of a healthy body and mind should not be underestimated.

Supporting the Vijverhof school

2451_001GEBA Trans has been a sponsor to the Vijverhof school in the town of Tegelen for a long time and has warm relations with it. This school is an expert in teaching children with an intellectual disability between the ages of 4 and 12 and 13 and 20. As the primary sponsor we are involved in the biannual fashion show held in a local cultural center. This is when the children of the school experience one of the highlights of the year by becoming true models for a day.

Together with other entrepreneurs from our region, we also donated a car to the school in 2011. This allows the children of the Vijverhof school to participate in various activities which would have been too far away before.