Relocation headquarter Venlo

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On July 7th, 2017, GEBA Trans relocated its headquarters to a brand new location, right in the centre of one of the primary logistics hubs in Europe. Our new address is:

Vasco da Gamaweg 1b
The Netherlands

This new office location is furnished in the typical GEBA Trans style, a look refreshing and transparent to the eye. An inspiring setting with state of the art and flexible workplaces for our staff members.

This future-proof setting enables our staff members to attain excellent results within a motivating work environment. We designed it so people will feel at home and have ample opportunity to relax alone or with colleagues once challenging projects are completed. Various areas are available to seclude oneself during complex tasks, have personal meetings with customers and brainstorm with colleagues about logistical issues and solutions.

The Dutch College for Logistics (‘Vervoerscollege’), where both professional drivers and other staff members in the logistics industry receive professional education is housed in the same building. This welcoming benefit will enable us to turn training and education into a continuous process for our people, thus making sure we stay on top of new developments in the logistics industry.

We are convinced that our people make all the difference in our endeavour to attain a consistent high delivery reliability of our logistical services and support. Our objective is always to completely unburden our customers. As a responsible and motivating employer, it is our task to optimally facilitate our people to accomplish just that. We therefore take great pride and satisfaction in commissioning our new headquarters in this European hotspot of logistics.

Should you be curious about our new ‘home’, then please feel welcome to visit us any time.

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GEBA Trans raises €25,078 for KidzBase

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chequeIn the evening of June 24th 2014, the ‘Maaspoort’ Theater hosted the closing celebration of GEBA Galibier; a project conceived on a late evening that became the ultimate team building activity. The men of GEBA Trans conquered the Col du Galibier, the infamous 2,645 meter mountain known from the Tour de France. During this ride, our men learned new definitions of both agony and perseverance. But with their minds firmly set on the goal of raising money for children living in troubled domestic situations, they managed to complete their mission. Overseen by the cyclists and their supporters, the sponsors and the board of the KidzBase Foundation, GEBA Trans’s Managing Director and concept initiator Mr. Fred Spijksma awarded the check to Martin Frankort of the KidzBase Foundation.

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Satisfied or dissatisfied customers. What’s your choice?

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At first glance this seems like a logical choice. Of course every entrepreneur chooses the first option. But is this really the logical choice in the world of business?

Personally I have been struggling with the owner of a drycleaner for more than half a year. After picking up my suit, I discovered that it shrunk almost two sizes. And I didn’t gain that much weight in just three days. Well, the company owner has now been busy coming up with all kinds of excuses not to pay a reimbursement for my suit, despite the fact that he is most probably insured for these events. I probably don’t have to elaborate on my opinion about this drycleaner and know for a fact that a lot of people have similar experiences. How many of these stories are told at parties and gatherings? Enough to fill a book, that’s for sure.

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Important Security update: Fraud Awareness

We would like to inform you of an important issue that has our attention and may affect your interactions with our company. We have received a disturbing report that frauds/scammers are using our company information to send out fake invoices, with the goal of obtaining money from our partners.

This fraudulent behavior has caused us serious concern and we want to make sure that everyone who comes into contact with GEBA Trans is fully aware of this situation and can take the necessary precautions.

What you need to know:

  1. We have received information that fraudulent invoices are being sent on behalf of GEBA Trans. These invoices were not issued by us and do not constitute a legitimate financial obligation to our company.
  2. We ask all our customers, partners and hauliers to be extra alert when receiving communications claiming to be from GEBA Trans. Check the sender information, invoice numbers and other details carefully to ensure that you are dealing with a valid transaction.
  3. If you receive any suspicious emails or invoices claiming to be from GEBA Trans, please contact us immediately.

We would like to thank you for your continued trust in our company and assure you that we are doing everything possible to address this situation quickly and effectively. Your safety and well-being are of utmost importance to us.

We brought this situation also to the attention of the police and fraud helpdesk.