On this page you will find some examples of our prestigious logistic services.

A Very Busy Christmas

We have been shipping 30 to 40 fully loaded trucks every day for a large European forwarder years. They depart from the manufacturing locations in Germany and arrive at the retail market in Belgium and the Netherlands. This cooperation started out with a small number of daily shipments and gradually expanded. Just before Christmas, the customer was suddenly confronted with an overlapping promotional period at two different retail chains.

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This meant that no less than 129 (!) fully loaded trucks were to be collected from the factory in Germany. Let truth be told, this caused for some panic even at GEBA Trans, and the customer seriously doubted if there was any way this could be done. Our schedulers however rolled up their sleeves and got to work, sending one truck after another to the factory.

That Friday, at 16:15 hours, the very last truck was loaded and our scheduling department sighed collectively, we did it. After this great example of our perseverance, The fruits of a long collaboration extensive network and the typical ‘nothing is impossible’ GEBA Trans mentality, our customer, our customer’s customer and our own team celebrated a very merry Christmas.

Some interesting facts:

  • If all of these trucks were placed in a single file, they would form a contiguous 2.1 kilometer line.
  • A total number of 4,257 europallets were loaded in this project.
  • That equals 4,087 m2 surface space, nearly an entire football field filled with pallets.

Solar project Romania

The solar panel industry has grown explosively throughout the past few years. By importing cheaper panels from the Far East, an enormous demand came to exist for onward transport from the Sea Ports to the European hinterland. GEBA Trans already shipped a lot of these panels, mostly towards Germany.

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Then, in November 2012, one of our clients placed a large order for an extensive delivery in Romania. Approximately hundred 40’ feet containers would arrive with solar panels, which were to be shipped to the Arad region in Romania. Using our network of trusted partners, we managed to find enough loading capacity to carry out ten daily shipments, the maximum loading and unloading capacity for both the pick-up as the delivery address.

All solar panels were delivered to the final recipient within two weeks, after which local installations could commence directly.

Flexible warehousing all across the globe

Based on our flexible warehousing service, we provide storage and handling services for an importer of solar panels. At first, we did this in Venlo in the Netherlands, but as it turned out, it was more appealing for our client to store these goods in Germany from a fiscal point of view. Our excellent contacts in the border area allowed us to quickly find a suited warehouse location and thus fully address the needs of our client.

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Our warehousing services truly know no borders. For another client we set up a distribution location in the Central Netherlands. This led to a further decrease in logistics costs. Furthermore all goods are stored in a bonded warehouse, which was the best option for the client as any duties now only have to be paid once the goods leave the warehouse and the recipient has already paid its invoice. This is yet another great example of our proactive mentality in the field of flexible warehousing.

And of course we’re also active on various other continents, creating opportunities to store goods there. In 2012 we carried out a project on Curaçao, where we arranged for the entire logistical chain as chain manager. All goods were shipped from and to Curaçao, warehousing was locally arranged and in a final step the distribution to the final recipient was taken care of flawlessly. A similar project took place in Lithuania, where we found new partners whenever it was required and the goods were stored in accordance with the high standards of GEBA Trans.

Intricate distribution network of care beds in the Netherlands

GEBA Trans loves to find new solutions and undiscovered routes in logistics. We also did this for a supplier of care beds in the Netherlands. This partner did not only face a logistical challenge, but also a social one. Due to the often personal circumstances under which deliveries and pick-ups of care beds take place, a normal logistics service simply did not suffice for the task at hand.

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GEBA Trans therefore created an intricate door-to-door distribution plan covering the entire country. To deliver the beds to their addresses, only experienced drivers from the world of passenger transport were used, combined with professionals from the world of goods shipments. After all, the beds were to be lifted up by at least two people. This combination of expertise and personal skills provided for a perfect solution for both the logistical and social challenge.

In our opinion this case is a great example of how we look at ourselves. We’re more than just a freight forwarder shipping goods from A to B, we also provide for chain management and smart solutions, as a logistics service provider that think in in terms of solutions rather than in limitations.

An intermodal solution within 24 hours

Using an online tender platform, GEBA Trans participated in a large transport tender for one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cosmetics and skin care products. After having survived the first two rounds, we were informed that in the third and last selection, we were not chosen as their new partner.

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Of course we were curious to find out how our offer was perceived, so we briefly contacted the customer afterwards. In a phone conference we were offered clear and open feedback from the Transport Manager of this corporation. One of the topics discussed was that we made the second best offer for a specific segment from Spain to the Netherlands. GEBA Trans however, was an entirely new name to the customer and we were therefore not selected for this lane.

It turned out that this project was not carried An intermodal solution within 24 hours out to the satisfaction of the customer, which led to GEBA Trans being invited to have a second look at this lane and see if we could find a more stable solution for it. Of course we started directly and within 24 hours we managed to put everything in place. It didn’t take much time before we received the first order after that. The containers are collected in Madrid and loaded onto a ship in Bilbao. From there they sail to Zeebrugge in 3 days, after which the container is shipped to its final destination in the Netherlands per truck or railway. The entire route only takes 4 or 5 days, depending on the departure moment of the ship.

This case is a perfect example of GEBA Trans’ solution-oriented and hands-on mentality, in this case by creating a complex a complex intermodal transport lane within 24 hours and fully unburdening the customer.


GEBA Trans has the ambition to keep developing itself in the field of chain management. An example of these activities is that, for Europe’s largest web shop in pet supplies, we carry out daily deliveries between the various European distribution centers. These tasks are carried out with long-term partners who offer fixed time schedules for loading and offloading. This model serves France, Central Germany and Spain within 24 hours, while Belgium and the Ruhr region are serviced on the same day.

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Not long ago we also started with a daily zero-empty-kilometer route for this same client. We load in the Netherlands, unload in Germany and load another cargo for Central France on that same German address. Once we reach our destination we load yet another shipment to be delivered to North France, while a final load is delivered back in the Netherlands. This all takes place with a single truck, thus reducing our carbon footprint to an absolute minimum while saving considerable costs for our client. It is a great example of the role of sustainable chain management we pursue and have accomplished together with our client.

Some interesting facts:

  • The aforementioned route encompassed almost 3,000 kilometers in which not a single kilometer was travelled without cargo.
  • Using double trailers and a double chauffeur planning, we can deliver shipments to Barcelona within 24 hours.