Bike Off GEBA Galibier

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On Wednesday September 4th 2013, the day finally arrived: the official start of the cycling project ‘GEBA Galibier’. This joint conquering of the famous Tour de France ascent of the Col du Galibier (climbing for 42 kilometers to reach a height of 2,645 meters) is the ultimate team building activity, according to CEO Fred Spijksma. Together with bike shop Metropool in Venlo, the company facilitated brand new racing bikes and all required equipment to enable the eleven participating staff members to successfully complete this challenge in the Pentecost weekend in 2014. That same day, Mr. Spijksma gave a presentation in which he elaborated on his philosophy behind this project. “Geba moves on”, is applicable to both the company and its staff in multiple ways. This was once again confirmed by sports instructor and project supervisor Marc Routs, who emphasized that a climb taking more than three hours is indeed a top sports performance.

Furthermore, GEBA Trans also chose to connect the Galibier challenge to a charity. Yet another philosophy which resonates with the company’s CSR goals. Mr. Spijksma however, did enforce the selection of a local/regional charity to which the GEBA Trans staff can relate. After a thorough selection, the Kidzbase Foundation from Venlo turned out to be the ideal partner. Represented by Joep Noldus and Martin Frankort, this foundation was able to explain exactly what their objective is. Based on small-scale projects and personalized projects, the goal is to offer children who don’t have a carefree childhood, a bit of fun and pleasure in their lives. A new kid’s room for a family running for domestic violence or swimming lessons for kids whose parents cannot afford to pay for it themselves. Everybody present for this presentation was visibly impressed by what this foundation does. And of course everybody hopes to achieve the goal of collecting €20.000,-, or even surpass it.

Although it might seem to take a while before June 8th 2014 arrives, everybody at GEBA Trans is working hard to get there. With a training schedule that prescribes over 100 individual and joint training sessions, relaxing is off the schedule for now. If you want to stay up-to-date about the developments, then follow the GEBA Galibier Team on Twitter, Facebook and/or on