Mission statement

Mission statement

We firmly believe that everything truly revolves around our clients, and thus all decisions are made with the interests of our clients as our first priority. Combining this approach with our expertise in logistics turns us into a highly reliable partner for long-term cooperation. We fully unburden in everything we do, allowing our clients to focus on their core business.

It’s our staff that makes all the difference in this approach. By granting them the freedom to decide what is good, they can continuously grow and truly make a difference. We believe this leads to more pride and fun in daily work, which on its turn enables our staff to deliver the best possible solutions to our clients time and time again.

Vision statement

The quality of our services increases every day based on our passion for our work, our high performance and our continuous goal of perfection. We believe that we learn by experiencing and see both challenges and opportunities in every logistical request, while none of those requests is too tough for us to tackle. Our ‘outside of the box’ mentality enables us to find solutions even if the road towards these solutions might be unconventional.

We do not only expand our knowledge in our own industry, but also in our clients’ industries in order to understand their needs and wishes. This enables us to fine-tune our logistical services even better. This approach is even enforced one step further, by not only thinking about the interests of our clients, but also about the interests of our clients’ clients. We believe that we can only add true value if we exactly understand what our client wants and why he wants it.

This means that cooperation is a founding principle solidifying everything we do.  This isn’t limited to our clients alone, but also extends to all partners involved in our processes. Whether they are third parties or our own staff, ‘Together we can make a difference’. A process in we highly value personal contact.

By combining these individual parameters with our personal vigor, we are able to fully unburden our clients and be a one-stop-shop for all logistical activities.

Important Security update: Fraud Awareness

We would like to inform you of an important issue that has our attention and may affect your interactions with our company. We have received a disturbing report that frauds/scammers are using our company information to send out fake invoices, with the goal of obtaining money from our partners.

This fraudulent behavior has caused us serious concern and we want to make sure that everyone who comes into contact with GEBA Trans is fully aware of this situation and can take the necessary precautions.

What you need to know:

  1. We have received information that fraudulent invoices are being sent on behalf of GEBA Trans. These invoices were not issued by us and do not constitute a legitimate financial obligation to our company.
  2. We ask all our customers, partners and hauliers to be extra alert when receiving communications claiming to be from GEBA Trans. Check the sender information, invoice numbers and other details carefully to ensure that you are dealing with a valid transaction.
  3. If you receive any suspicious emails or invoices claiming to be from GEBA Trans, please contact us immediately.

We would like to thank you for your continued trust in our company and assure you that we are doing everything possible to address this situation quickly and effectively. Your safety and well-being are of utmost importance to us.

We brought this situation also to the attention of the police and fraud helpdesk.