GEBA Trans was founded on February 1st 1996 in the Dutch province of Limburg. The founders and namesakes of the company, Gerard Wigmans and Baldur Pohl started their logistical operation in the small town of Tegelen near Venlo. In the early years, this two-man company mainly carries out cargo shipments between the Benelux and Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It doesn’t take long before the first staff member is hired and the path towards growth is found. Starting in the year 2000, GEBA Trans expands its activities to service Europe as a continent, adding the UK&I, France, Spain, Italy and Eastern Europe to its field of operations.

This development created the need for a new Transport Management System (TMS) which was purchased in 2002. It was a great leap forward, as it allowed for scheduling and tracking the entire freight flow all across the globe.

The current owner of GEBA Trans, Mr. Fred Spijksma, buys into the company with a management buy-in in 2003 and becomes part of the management team. In 2008 he purchases the remainder of the shares and has since been the Managing Director of GEBA Trans.

In the meantime, the company has grown too big for its office, a former residential building in the town of Belfeld, and thus a new location in Venlo is found in 2010. This new office is located at the Noorderpoort Business Park and has a great location visible from the A67 highway. It is a tribute to the ambition of this logistics service provider, who has now successfully operated globally for several years.

GEBA Trans becomes part of the logistics cooperation Viaport Venlo in 2011, granting it access to the inland port and barge and railway terminals. It is also the year in which the company is the first Dutch expedition company to win the prestigious Lean & Green Award. This underlines the strategy of being not just a great partner for its clients, but to take social responsibility as well by actively working on sustainable objectives.

The intermodal department of the company is founded in 2013, ensuring that GEBA Trans is and remains able to service freight demands of its clients now and in the future.